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Sport tourism is a kind of sport which represents different types of hikes (trekking, skiing, biking, kayaking etc.) that includes getting over difficulties in a natural environment (summits, passes, canyons, rifts, caves etc.). It also includes competitions in corresponding techniques in a natural environment as well as on an artificial landform. As a kind of sport it is known in many soviet countries.

On 19 September 1991 the Ministry of Justice of Belarus registered a public organization «Sports Tourist Union of Belarus». In July 1995 the registration was carried out again, where there were made a few changes, and the organization was renamed into the public association «Republican Tourist and Sports Union» (RTSU).

The purpose of RTSU is to develop and promote sports tourism as sport and active pastime. The chief activity of this public association is organizing hikes, competitions and other sport tourist events. In 2012, RTSU became one of founders of the International federation of sports tourism.



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Republican Tourist and Sports Union (RTSU)

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